The Ultimate Rotorua Experience

Sometimes you need a bit of local knowledge when you are visiting a new place. Find out where to go, what to see and where to eat on your visit to Rotorua

Sometimes when you visit a place you want to know what the locals recommend – where to go, what to see, and where to eat. Below are our recommendations to ensure that you get the ultimate Rotorua experience on your visit to this remarkable town.

Beautiful Culture

The Whakarewarewa Living Thermal Village is your chance to experience traditional Maori culture at its source. A guided tour, led by those who call the village home, will give you a unique and special encounter with traditional Maori culture and their way of life. Whether it is the meaning behind the intricate wooden carvings or the therapeutic benefits of the thermal mud you will take away so much knowledge from your visit to Whakarewarewa. The twice daily cultural performances are also a chance to take a seat and be entertained with song and dance and to face the fierce haka.

Stunning Lakes

A visit to Rotorua is not complete without experiencing the region’s beautiful and majestic lakes. Not only are the lakes beautiful in appearance but they also hold significant historical meaning to indigenous Maori tribes of the area. Rotorua Duck Tours allow you to experience a sample of the many lakes aboard their World War II Amphibious Landing Crafts.
A tour with Rotorua Duck Tours is not only about splashing down into the lakes. The knowledgeable, local guides give you valuable insight to what makes these lakes and the surrounding areas so deeply treasured by the local Maori.

Delectable Food

After a busy day exploring Rotorua’s great attractions you’re going to need to relax and refuel. Eat Street is Rotorua’s premier dining precinct located at the lake-end of Tutanekai Street. On your visit to Eat Street you will find a great selection of bars and restaurants offering a wide array of options for all tastes and budgets. Eat Street also appeals to those looking for entertainment or a big night out with many of the bars offering live music.

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