Tongariro Crossing, Awesome Hiking Tour Video

Some great footage of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Mt Ruapehu Crater Lake Climb and other amazing walks amidst the majestic Tongariro Volcanoes.

An interesting collection of photos and videos captures the scenery and spirit of our 3 day Tongariro Hiking Tours.

A feature of the tour is New Zealand's best day walk - the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. But there is so much more to Tongariro National Park than just the Crossing!

The Mt Ruapehu Crater Lake is equally as spectacular, yet lesser known, and more of an expedition because the route is unmarked. A guide for this hike is highly recommended!

As well as the dramatic volcanoes, crater lakes, old lava flows and snow fields, Tongariro also features lush forest, pristine rivers and lakes, tussock lands, and amazing waterfalls. Our 3 day tour is the best way to explore all the diverse landscapes, with a small fun group, and expert guides that bring the incredible history to life.

Our alpine lodge is perched high amidst the mountains - the perfect base to explore the National Park, and to enjoy the company of the small group of people from all over the world with one thing in common - keen hikers!

The guides watch the fickle alpine weather and choose the best day to tackle the Crossing and Crater Lake, and tailor the walks to suit weather conditions and group preferences.

Lonely Planet said a walk amidst the volcanoes of Tongariro is a life-changing experience not to be missed! Come and spend 3 days with Walking Legends to make the most of your time in this special region...


(Click on video above)

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