Visit Muriwai Beach, and make a day of it!

Plan a day trip to Muriwai beach - one of Auckland's black sand beaches.

Muriwai beach is one of Auckland’s black sand west coast beaches and makes for a perfect day trip if you’re looking to get out of the hustle & bustle of the city for the day.  From the city centre it’s around a 45km drive – not too far and totally worth it on a nice day.

On arrival, not only are you faced with the amazing black sand beaches but Muriwai is also home to a large gannet colony.  With a walking track up the beachside cliffs (not a hard climb, easy to do and quite enjoyable – I promise) to two viewing platforms where you get to see awesome views of the birds in their masses.

The beach itself is 60km long of black sand which welcomes sunbathers, swimmers and those keen to walk or run along the amazing coastline.  If you’re a lover of nature, beaches or just keen for a quick dip in the sea and building sand castles with your mates on a hot summers day Muriwai will not disappoint.

So get some friends together, pack a picnic lunch, get yourself a towel, some togs and enjoy a day away from the city relaxing at the beach.

Lucy xx

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