Welcome to a realm unlike any other

PLAY NZ is the world’s first gameplay walkthrough of the real world. Unlock exciting open world experiences through our immersive 180° and 360° experiences below. 

Consider it a vacation for your eyes.

Leap of Faith Quest

Take in the view of the sapphire-blue waters of the Kawarau River. Then feel a rush you will never forget by leaping towards it with AJ Hackett Bungy.

Adrenaline Quest

Experience the adrenaline rush of Christchurch Adventure Park, and race through the forest on the longest Zipline in New Zealand!

Nosedive Quest

Your quest is to leap from a perfectly good airplane and plunge towards the beautiful Lake Wakatipu with NZONE Skydive.

Living Planet Quest

Step into the beating heart of a living planet at Waimangu Volcanic Valley in Rotorua and learn how the world began.

Geothermal Wonders Quest

Discover geothermal wonders, bubbling mud, and pools of boiling water still used for cooking at Te Puia.

Forest Rush Quest

Discover New Zealand Mountain Biking Tours, and leave only dust, lush forest and scenic lakes in your wake.

Soaring Hawk Quest

Soar above breathtaking landscapes with EcoZip Adventures, over stunning Waiheke Island.

The Intergalactic Glacial Galaxy Quest

Travel to Franz Josef Glacier with the go to guides. Discover a world of ice and snow, carved from land eons ago.

Freefall Quest

Experience adrenaline-pumping exhilaration as you throw yourself out of a plane with Skydive Auckland.

Terminal Velocity Quest

Your mission: To swing off a cliff and plunge through the Shotover Canyon in Queenstown, at terminal velocity.

River Run Quest

Watch the splendour of the world pass you by as you dart through the spectacular canyons at terminal velocity with Shotover Jet.

Gallop Quest

Saddle up your two-wheeled horse, and breathe in the freedom with Wanaka Bike Tours.

The Fountain of Life Quest

Climb toward the summit, up the world’s highest waterfall cable climb with Wildwire Wanaka.

Forest Canopy Quest

Fly over prehistoric native forests with Rotorua Canopy Tours. What a way to bushwalk!

Welcome Home Quest

Welcome to a world you’ll never want to leave - the Mitai Māori Village. Every visitor who arrives here is always welcome.

Cave Quest

Discover how imaginary worlds are brought to life, and feel connected to mystical realms at the Weta Workshop.

Thundering Waterfall Quest

Sail with Real Journeys through a magical place filled with thundering waterfalls and epic beauty.

Calm Waters Quest

Feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery of the Abel Tasman National Park with R&R Kayaks.

Meet our cast of real characters

Find yourself in a realm unlike any other, a realm where you are welcomed as whānau (that means family). You'll meet characters so real you can literally feel their welcome.

Arthur and Morgan

Arthur and Morgan are just a couple of the spirited inhabitants of this land. And although they may share a transtasman-like sibling rivalry, they’re only ever warm and friendly with visitors. In fact you’re always welcome to join these self-proclaimed ‘Culinary Experts’ for some delicious local produce; just be ready for the heated ‘debate’ over whose turn it is to cook.

Tāne the Kaitiaki

Tāne is a Kaitiaki of the forest. The Kaitiaki are the guardians of these lands, here to protect them and ensure that all those who visit care for our sacred place. Not all the Kaitiaki are as at one with the forest as Tāne, but that speaks to just how proud he is of the place he calls home. The Kaitiaki invite everyone who visits to take the Tiaki promise, as a symbol of their commitment to care for New Zealand.

Teresa Green

This land is full of wild and wonderful experiences, but where to start? Lucky for visitors, wherever you wander you’re likely to bump into a helpful character who would love to guide you on your adventure and show off the local sights and sounds. Perhaps that’s a local just like Teresa Green, a botanical and ornithological expert, with a love for the flightless Kiwi and a keen eye for the best lunch spots.

Tim The Minotaur

Tim is the local, mythical Minotaur. But he’s not the only legend to roam these majestic lands. This place has a deep-rooted mythology that spans the beginning of time to present day. When Tim’s not dancing, he can be found hiking the blockbuster scenery, or shooting home movies at his workshop in the heart of Middle‑earth™. If you bump into one of the mythological beings, remember these beasts can be a little selfie-shy.


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Wait is this actually a game?

No it's not. It's even better. It's an invitation to come and play the best open world in the world.

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