Canyoning is the ultimate adrenalin adventure. Leaping off waterfalls, sliding down rocks and experiencing forest and river areas that few ever get to see.

The fine art of canyoning uses every part of your body and requires all kinds of skills - scrambling, climbing, jumping, sliding, abseiling, swimming and shouting "yeehaa" as often as you dare.

It’s a wet business, but you’re equipped with a tough wetsuit that provides warmth and a useful amount of padding (rocks can be sharp!). Under the watchful eye of your guide, you’ll make the journey down natural rock canyons, water-polished chutes, waterfalls, pools and streams.
In most cases, canyoning adventures are staged in remote mountain locations. In Auckland the Waitakere Ranges have everything required for a great canyoning experience; operators in Nelson, Canterbury and Wanaka make good use of the South Island’s magnificent mountain terrain; and Coromandel’s canyoning tours use the fabulous Kaueranga Valley.

Before you go…

Kauri is part of New Zealand’s heritage. But, kauri dieback is threatening their extinction. Please respect displayed kauri protection guidelines when visiting areas. Find out more about kauri dieback(opens in new window).

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