Climbing - whether it's on rock faces or mountain peaks - is a popular outdoor pursuit and New Zealand offers a range of options for all levels of climber.

For the world’s mountaineers, New Zealand is well and truly on the map. Our Southern Alps were Sir Edmund Hillary’s training ground for his historic Everest climb in 1953. With 30 peaks taller than 3000 metres, and Aoraki/Mount Cook scraping the sky at 3753 metres, there’s no shortage of challenging summits to conquer.

Even if you don't come to New Zealand with a suitcase full of crampons, carabineers and ice picks, mountaineering is not out of the question. If you’ve always wanted to join an expedition and knock off a summit or two, or complete a mountain trek like the Ball Pass, experienced climbing instructors and guides are ready to help. 

Rock climbing is another way to embrace New Zealand’s geology in an up-close-and-personal way. There are crags, boulders and cliff faces to ascend in Wānaka, Taranaki, Canterbury and Wellington. Various indoor rock climbing venues provide a chance to practice your technique.

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