Cycling is a great way to travel if you love an active holiday that combines the outdoors, getting close to nature and making the most of your surrounds.

If you want to make New Zealand’s scenery last longer, touring the country on a bicycle promises maximum exposure to the fabulous landscapes. Our well-maintained roads can take you anywhere in the country - from the sub-tropical north to the refreshing highways of Southland.
There’s no need to bring your bike with you. You can rent your wheels from a cycle shop or bike hire operator. Some cycle shops have a buy-back scheme - half the purchase price is refunded if the bike is returned in good condition.
Guided cycle tours are a great option if you want to travel with company and have all your gear carried in a support vehicle between destinations. You also won’t have to worry about accommodation, even when you’re travelling on back roads. Tours can last for a few days or a few weeks. Cycles and safety gear are part of the deal. 

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