Ranked second in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel for 2017, Taranaki is New Zealand’s rising star. Check out these 8 regional highlights.

Pouakai Crossing

Hone your adventurous spirit on the Pouakai Crossing, which traverses the slopes of Taranaki Maunga, the North Island's second highest mountain. This one-day walk is one of New Zealand's newest hiking trails and comes complete with primeval swamps, tussock highlands, volcanic features and stunning starscapes. Picture by @laurie_winter on Instagram.


Taranaki at night, Taranaki

Looking across Pouakai Tarn towards Taranaki Maunga at night. Beautiful starscapes are reflected in the water.

Three Sisters

Explore the North Taranaki coast where Elephant Rock once stood alongside the Three Sisters. The powerful sea is slowly claiming the spectacular formations,  with Elephant Rock losing its trunk at the end of 2016.

Three sisters at Tongaporutu, Taranaki

Three sisters at Tongaporutu with Taranaki Maunga in the distance.

Cape Egmont Lighthouse

By day, the Lighthouse visibly marks the western-most point of the Taranaki coast. By night, it flashes white light once every eight seconds, telling ships exactly where they are. Another great spot for a 'gram. Picture by @nakigirl67 on Instagram. 

Cape Egmont Lighthouse, Taranaki

Cape Egmont Lighthouse at sunset.

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

Some think it looks like a breaking wave, and others a whale skeleton. Regardless of how you view it, this cycleway and pedestrian bridge is another great spot to visit in Taranaki. Picture by @elisabeth.oc on Instagram.

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge, Taranaki

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge is a pedestrian and cycleway bridge across the Waiwhakaiho River.

Dawson Falls

Visit the Dawson Falls area in Egmont National Park. There are a number of popular walking tracks to choose from including a short walk to this 18m high waterfall. Picture by @nakigirl67 on Instagram.


Dawson Falls, Taranaki

Dawson Falls, also known as Te Rere o Noke, is an 18 metre waterfall, the most popular one at Mt Egmont National Park due to an easy accessibility.

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

This impressive building is Aotearoa New Zealand's leading contemporary art museum and the home to artist Len Lye's multi-media artworks. This public museum is free to access and shares contemporary ideas from around the world. Picture by @lassedaegling on Instagram. 


Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Taranaki

Reflections on the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth.

Scenic Highlights

The Taranaki region is a bush walkers paradise. Stroll through scenic gardens, along coastal walkways or hike through the forest in Egmont National Park. With more than 300 kilometres of walking track available, you'll be spoilt for choice. Find out more here. Picture by @th_royer on Instagram.


Walking and Hiking in Taranaki, Taranaki

The Egmont National Park is one of New Zealand's most accessible wilderness areas and comes complete with many beautiful walks and hikes.

Surf Highway

Taranaki's hemispherical coastline collects ocean swells from all angles. You can be almost certain that the surf will be pumping somewhere between New Plymouth and Hawera, year-round. Learning to surf in the Taranaki region is a must-do New Zealand experience. Picture by @kiwivraverra on Instagram.


Sunset surf in Taranaki, Taranaki

Enjoying a sunset surf on Surf Highway 45.

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