Visit The Lord of the Rings country to get some salmon fishing in. A great place to start and end your South Island fly fishing holiday.

The Canterbury region offers anglers plenty of choice(opens in new window). From the air, Christchurch's mosaic checkerboard farms and fields lead all the way up to the snow-capped Southern Alps. The area is drained by three large river systems; Rangitata, Rakaia, and Waimakariri, all known for their salmon fishing. Numerous smaller trout rivers and streams flow into these rivers, many of which played a role in the Middle‑earth™ setting in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The spring-fed streams feeding into these systems in the high country are of particular interest fo fly fishermen, as is Mt Cook, located further to the south.

Christchurch is a popular location for anglers to begin and end their trip with. From here, it's easy to connect with roads that lead to the West Coast via Arthur's and Lewis Pass - a mecca of pristine rivers and streams.

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