Take your pick of amazing fly fishing destinations in the South Island. All accessible and within close proximity of each other.

Many fly fishermen travel the world in search of opportunities to catch big wild trout. While this search might take them all over the globe, New Zealand is one of the rare places where an array of fly fishing experiences are available in an easy-to-access, California-sized chunk of land. The South Island contains a variety of fishing experiences and the stand-out areas are Nelson, Canterbury, West Coast and the Lower South Island.

If you're the type of fisherman who likes to fish big rivers crashing down mountains close to the sea - as well as hiking up streams that drain high elevation sheep stations - you'll find these experiences a short distance apart in the South Island. You'll also discover spring creeks that get squeezed out of the ground at the base of large mountains and gentle streams in the southeast part of the island. No matter what kind of trout water you like best, you'll be able to find it in the South Island.

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