Cathedral Caves and McLean Falls

Cathedral Caves and McLean Falls are on opposite sides of the main highway through Southern Otago - be sure to visit them both.

At low tide you can visit Cathedral Caves, a series of majestic sea caves that have been formed by wave action over thousands of years. The journey to the caves begins with a walk through the forested Waipati Beach Scenic Reserve to Waipati Beach. A short walk north along the beach leads to the caves.

The two main caves join together within the cliff, and one has a 30 metre high ceiling - test your singing voice, the acoustics are great. To ensure the safety of visitors, the access gate to Cathedral Caves opens two hours before low tide and is closed again two hours after, depending on daily sea conditions. Access to the caves is across private land, so there is a small charge.

There are many waterfalls in the Catlins region, and McLean Falls is one of the best. A bridal veil-like cascade over dark mossy rocks, the falls plummet more than 20 metres into a deep gorge.

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