Your New Zealand experience should be a memorable one, but it's also handy to take note of emergency contact information in case the unexpected occurs.


If you have an emergency and need a quick response from the Police, the Fire Service, Ambulance or Search and Rescue, dial 111. This is a free phone call if you are in New Zealand.

There are Police Stations in all main towns and cities in New Zealand and in many rural locations should you need further assistance. For more information, visit the New Zealand Police website(opens in new window).

Emergency numbers

If you feel unsure about your safety or your health, you can call the New Zealand emergency number or Healthline for a free consult.

Directory and operator assistance

If you need operator assistance or if you need up-to-date listings of all New Zealand phone numbers and addresses, you can call the following the directory and operator numbers. Mobile and telephone network rates may apply.

  • National Directory -  018 
  • International Directory -  0172
  • National Operator -  010
  • International Operator - 017

Government agencies

Should you need additional assistance in an emergency, you can visit the official websites of these Government agencies.

A full Diplomatic and Consular list(opens in new window) can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website, if you need assistance from your Embassy.

News and information websites

Visitors should also keep an eye on news websites such as Stuff(opens in new window) and NZ Herald(opens in new window) to get updated news and information. 

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