We offer volunteer placements and visitor experiences focused on protecting New Zealand's native forest and fauna.

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Kaihu, Northland New Zealand

About Us

The Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection of native New Zealand flora and fauna. We work with the Department of Conservation and the regional councils to perform conservation work in a cloud-forest 

The Nature Sanctuary was created in 2008 with the intention of protecting 100 hectares of native New Zealand forest. With time, our goals have evolved to include the following:

  • Creation of an environment that allows the establishment of ten pairs of resident kiwi birds
  • Creation of a centre that educates visitors on the aspects of conservation work
  • Involvement in other conservation activities in the region

We offers visitors the opportunity to be the first people in a generation to explore the thick, jungle-like forest of our sanctuary. You can clamber on waterfalls, identify ancient trees, marvel at the countless types of ferns, look for glow worms at night, and sleep up in the trees listening to the haunting call of the kiwi. As part of our programs, participants learn about conservation in New Zealand and get the chance to actively contribute to the protection of kiwi birds.

Between November and May (New Zealand summer), we offer three options for our visitors to connect with nature:

No prior experience is required; simply bring an open mind and a sense of adventure. 

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