Wrights Hill offers 360 degree views of Wellington and the surrounding area, as well as walking tracks and picnic areas.

The height of Wrights Hill allows it to be seen from the eastern suburbs, central city and western suburbs. There is little open ground, except for on top of the hill where a well-developed lookout is located, offering dramatic views. Wrights hill has picnic areas, an extensive track network for walking, and a shared walking and mountain biking connection to the Polhill/Hawkins Hill ridge and Makara Peak. Significant heritage features include the World War II gun emplacements and tunnels. These are looked after by the Wrights Hill Fortress Restoration Society. They have a number of public open days throughout the year. Each of the 9.2 inch guns could fire a 172 kilogram, 1 metre long shell up to 30 kilometres. They were only fired once, as a test after the war had ended. The test proved most satisfactory, although windows at the fort were broken by the blast. Wrights Hill Reserve is managed by Wellington City Council and is one of Wellington's significant ecological sites. It borders the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and forms part of the ecological corridor running west and north from the sanctuary. A road runs from Campbell Street, Karori, to just below the summit.

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