The North Island is a must see destination for fly fishing with its plentiful supply of rainbow trout, colossal Lake Taupo and endless greenery.

With snow-capped volcanoes, large lakes and numerous small lightly-fished flowing streams through fern-filled grottos, the North Island is a fly fisherman's paradise. Adventure seekers can access world-famous backcountry rivers via hiking or helicopter - a great way to reach untouched lands.

Very few places in the world, if any, grow such large wild rainbow trout. The North Island's ability to do so comes from a temperate climate, year-round growth, and genetics that have not been tampered with by hatchery stocks. While brown trout make up a smaller proportion of fisheries, they too benefit from the same conditions and can grow even larger. The climate, without the harsh winters, conveniently lengthens the fly fishing season making October and April better fishing months than further south. Toss in the much loved Tongariro River, where it all began over 100 years ago, and you've found the perfect spot for a fly fishing getaway.

Take a closer look at some of the best fly fishing areas in the North Island - Central Plateau and Rotorua.

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