Skydiving in New Zealand is a popular adventure activity. What better way is there to take in the amazing views than from thousands of feet above it all?

Welcome to the rush of skydiving. There is nothing like skydiving for sheer heart-stopping adrenalin and adventure and there is no place like New Zealand to do it.

New Zealand's magnificent landscapes take on an extra dimension when you’re 12,000 feet in the air. Skydive in Queenstown or Wanaka and you will look from the vastness of the Central Otago high country to the snow-capped mountains surrounding the jewel-like lakes.

Continue into New Zealand's highest peak Mt Cook / Aoraki to skydive over Tasman Glacier(opens in new window) and some of the most pristine scenery in the country. 

At the other end of the country, Lake Taupo has the largest commercial drop zone in the world and stunning views of volcanoes, forests and the lake itself. A Bay of Plenty skydive flight will take you over gleaming waters and geothermal wonders. 

There are many skydiving operations throughout New Zealand and all offer tandem jumps. You’ll have experienced skydivers taking you-step-by-step through what to do on your jump and what to expect. If you’re a skydiver yourself don’t forget to bring your licence.

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