New Zealand has more than its fair share of spectacular scenery, and some exciting ways to discover it.

The Sky Tower in Auckland makes it easy to enjoy huge views of the city’s volcanic cones, island-studded gulf and forested ranges. The Wellington Cable Car also takes you up to some breathtaking long-range views. Scenic flights throughout the country allow you to capture the large scale beauty of a steaming volcanic mountain or the snow covered peaks of the Southern Alps. And jet boat safaris can take you skimming along rivers through remote forest valleys and steep-sided gorges.   On the other hand, getting up close to scenic wonders allows you to appreciate their finer detail - like the unique fluted Wairere Boulders or the limestone formations in Waitomo’s caves. Wild life parks and sanctuaries offer informative animal encounters, often with rare native species. You can hide in an underground bunker and peer out at penguins walking ashore or stand on a wind blown cliff as gannets or giant albatrosses swoop by.

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