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Once a gold town, always a gold town. Since 1878, Waihi has been on a treasure hunt. Come and see the richest gold mine in New Zealand.

Hauraki Rail Trail, Coromandel

Waihi is the home of the richest gold mine in New Zealand - still in operation today. The Waihi Gold Discovery Centre tells the tales of yesteryear, and allows hands on experience with modern mining techniques. You can also take a trip deep into the bowels of the mine pit or walk the pit rim. The Goldfields vintage railway runs between Waihi and Waikino, where you can find relics from the early gold rush days.

Waihi also offers easy access to the iconic Hauraki Rail Trail and the dramatic Karangahake Gorge Historic Walkway

Around the town you’ll notice some wonderful old buildings. Waihi is proud of its history and has a heritage trail that points out places of interest. There is an ever-increasing number of cafés and restaurants in the recently revived town centre, as well as a small selection of accommodation.

Waihi Beach is just 10 mins driving away. You can swim or surf anywhere along the 9km of strechy sandy beach.

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