• Museums, galleries, and culture
  • Wētā Workshop & Wētā Cave
  • Outstanding cafes, restaurants, and bars


  • by car:

    20 mins from Wellington Airport

  • by plane:

    1 hour from Auckland

Whether you want to dabble in history or indulge at divine restaurants, Wellington is a capital city with a great deal of style. Enjoy!

Oriental Bay, Wellington

Wellington is the political capital of New Zealand. The city is compact, cultured and full of character. Nestled between the harbour and the hills, the downtown area is ideal for explorations on foot - shopping, cafes, transport, accommodation and the city’s major attractions are compressed into an area that’s conveniently walkable.

Wellington’s visitors come to browse museums, historic places and galleries, including the highly acclaimed national museum Te Papa. From a food and wine point of view, the city is truly delectable. Night time entertainment includes professional theatre, live concerts, comedy shows and dance performances.

Nearby townsLower Hutt (14 mins), Porirua (17 mins) , Upper Hutt (28 mins) 

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