4-5 Hours


  • Wellington Botanic Garden
  • Mount Victoria
  • Māori historical sites



Views, forests, parks and gardens keep things interesting along these signposted Wellington walkways.

Wellington Harbour, Mt Victoria, New Zealand

Signposted walkways have been established through attractive and interesting areas of Wellington's parks and large green belts. Their wilderness feel is all the more fascinating, given their close proximity to the city.

  • Northern Walkway, 4-5 hours, 13.3km

Although steep in some places, this walk is not difficult and can be taken in stages. Beginning in the suburb of Johnsonville, it passes through several parks and on through the green town belt before entering the inner city via the Wellington Botanical Garden. Enjoy the spectacular views, picnic sites, unused tunnels and the Khandallah Summer Pool.

  • Southern Walkway 4-5 hours, 11km

Beginning in the harbour-side suburb of Oriental Bay this walk rises through turn-of-the-century wooden houses to the top of Mount Victoria. From this magnificent 360 degree viewing platform, the walkway enters the forest where the hobbits sheltered from the approaching dark riders in The Lord of the Rings. The setting changes once more as the route passes Wellington Zoo, before meeting the ocean at Island Bay on Wellington's rugged south coast.

  • Eastern Walkway, 1.5 hours, 2.5 km

This route passes along the southern half of the Miramar Peninsula, from the Pass of Branda to Tarakena Bay with spectacular views of Wellington Harbour. See Māori historical sites and learn about the fascinating geology and local history of this peninsula. Increase the length of this walk by looping back to the start along the sealed road around Breaker Bay.

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For more information and maps of the walks, see Wellington Regional Trails(opens in new window).

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