Destruction Gully Track

This track has steep descents, particularly the last section and it also has steep incline which prove to be a good test of your fitness.

Time: 0.75 hours

Distance: 1.2km

Type: Tramping Track

Description: This track starts on Whatipu road. As you go down Whatipu road towards Whatipu you will see a sign on the right hand side of the road. There is a nook on the left of the road where the track starts and where you can park your car. Begin your walk along the gravel track. After about 10 minutes you will get to a lookout which offers views across to the south head of the Manukau Harbour and down to the Whatipu coast. There is a seat to enjoy the view from. Continue along the track which descends steeply through the bush and comes out at Makaka Bay, the end of the track. The last section of this track is very steep. The only way back is straight back up again so it will be a good test of your fitness.

What to Expect:

Tramping tracks will:

  • consist of formed and drained surfaces.
  • be signposted at track entrances and key junctions.

Tramping tracks may:

  • have structures in permanent wet areas but waterways will not generally be bridged.

Tramping tracks may also have limited track information, and steep grades.

Suitable for people of reasonable fitness and experience.

How to get to Destruction Valley Track: Take the North-Western Motorway to the Great North Rd Exit. Follow Great North Rd onto Ash St which leads onto Rata St. Take Titirangi Rd right through Titirangi Village to the roundabout, take Huia Rd through to Huia. Continue on to Whatipu Rd for access to Whatipu at end of Whatipu Rd.

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