Exploring the Otago Peninsula

Rated “one of NZ’s hottest attractions” by Lonely Planet you definitely need to pay this wildlife region a visit! [Rennie(2009). Best in Travel 2010]

Make sure you spend a day or two on the Otago Peninsula with its beautiful scenery and Dunedin’s best wildlife viewing. Just take a drive on Portobello Road, the scenic road just along the waterside. You will come along some beautiful spots!

Make sure you also pay a visit to the Royal Albatross Centre to learn more about the Royal Albatross and take a tour to their colony.

To see a soaring albatross with its wings up to 3m across, as well as seals, dolphins and other species, go aboard the Monarch, a wildlife viewing vessel operated from Wellers Rock and the Dunedin harbour.

On your way back, make sure you turn into Highcliff Road for more breathtaking views! It also takes you along a nice coastline and you might want to stop at one of the beautiful and secluded beaches.

I am sure you will enjoy your time spent on the Otago Peninsula – a beautiful and unique spot on Earth!

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