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I don't work as a sale person, I am your Travel PA, I work with you to make amazing trips , with all the little preferences included. The buzzwords these days are 'what is your point of difference' - I listen to you requirements and work to meet all

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A kiwi born in the stunning Bay Of Plenty, I know both north and south islands. not just the tourist hot spots, but I can send to you an Uber Zen tea estate on the way to 'Hobbiton' or show you a DOC walking track to walk alongside some of the puresest water in the world (so clear that only blue light is refracted and water only 1M deep is a vibrant blue hue) and I know the great hotels, in all budgets.
Or, I can discuss a fantastic city break weekend in Wellington ( ask me about taking the Kiwi Rail to "National Park' and on to Wellington for a leisurely journey through pasture, forrrest, rivescapes, and towns and cities .
And, with my family based in Central Otago, I know Queenstown, surrounds and Christchurch & Dunedin better than many

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Go West Travel, 1307/58 Jeffcott Street, 1307, West Melbourne, West Melbourne, Australia.

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