Okura Bush Walkway

The Okura Bush Walkway winds its way through the Okura River Estuary and through coastal forest to Karepiro Bay and historic Dacre Cottage.

Alert/Important notice

Part of the section from Haigh Rd end to Karepiro Bay have had slips. Take extreme caution negotiating these areas.


Time and distance:

Haighs Access Rd to Dacre Cottage 4.8 km, 1.5 hours one way.
Haighs Access Rd to Stillwater 8 km, 3 hours one way.

Type: Walking Track



This track takes you through regenerating coastal kauri forest along the Okura River estuary and edge of the Long Bay – Okura Marine Reserve to Karepiro Bay and historic Dacre Cottage, and on to Stillwater.

From Haighs Rd the track follows the Okura River estuary through mixed coastal forest, with groves of nikau, pohutukawa and regenerating kauri. After a 20-minute hill climb the track drops down to the rivers edge where you may see a variety of wading birds such as stilts and oystercatchers. It then climbs to a headland before dropping quite steeply to Karepiro Bay, where the restored historic Dacre Cottage is located at the northern end. Dacre Cottage was built in the 1850s by Henry Dacre, son of the retired sea captain Ranulf Dacre, who bought the Weiti block in 1848.

If heading to Stillwater, you can follow the coastline at low tide, or take the overland track, climbing steeply above the coastal cliffs, with good views of Karepiro Bay and the Hauraki Gulf, before dropping back to the Weiti River estuary. From here the track follows the river, crossing private land to the Stillwater car park.


What to expect:

  • Karepiro Bay is part of Marine Reserve (restrictions apply)
  • Karepiro Bay and Stillwater end are fragile areas, with NZ Dotterel and Oystercatcher populations
  • Dogs are not permitted on the tracks because of the threat they pose to stock and wildlife. Exceptions include certified guide dogs and permitted hunting dogs
  • Suitable for people with low to moderate fitness and abilities
  • Clearly sign posted. Stream and river crossings are bridged
  • Walking shoes or light tramping/hiking boots required 


Getting there

The walkway has two entrances – Haighs Access Rd, off East Coast Rd at the southern end, and Stillwater Rd at the northern end.