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Planning a holiday to New Zealand? Read our practical travel advice before you depart.

where in the world is New Zealand?

A few basics

  • Weather & seasons

    New Zealand is fantastic to visit year-round. Find out about our weather and seasons.

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  • Visas

    If you're from Australia, Britain, or one of our visa waiver countries, you don't need a visa to visit New Zealand.

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  • Currency and costs

    What is the New Zealand dollar worth, and what will things cost on your trip?

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  • Accommodation

    From wilderness campsites to luxury lodges, use our accommodation finder to find places to stay anywhere in New Zealand.

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getting around New Zealand is easy

Transport around New Zealand

  • Driving

    Self-drive is a popular way to explore New Zealand. Before renting a car or campervan, make sure you're familiar with driving in New Zealand.

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  • Public Transport

    New Zealand's public transport includes buses, trains and ferries. Find out how to get around without hiring a vehicle.

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  • Domestic flights

    Flights are easy to catch from city to city, and no flight is longer than two hours.

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  • Tours

    If you'd like a pre-planned itinerary and someone to drive you, your local travel agent can help you find the perfect tour.

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Calculate the driving distances between two places in New Zealand

How much time do I need?

Whether you have a few days or a few weeks, we have plenty of itinerary ideas. New Zealand looks small on the world map but it is full of diversity – you could spend months exploring.

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While you're in New Zealand

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what language do they speak in New Zealand?

New Zealanders speak English (with a ‘kiwi’ accent). If English is not your first language, we’re a friendly country and most people will be patient communicating with you. You will need some basics to get around – like understanding times and prices, and being able to ask for help if you need it. 

If you’re not confident making bookings in English, then consider joining a tour group, or booking your trip as a package in your home country. If you’re planning to drive, check with your rental vehicle company to ensure instructions and GPS navigational equipment are offered in your native language.

Apart from English, New Zealand has two other official languages: Te Reo Māori and New Zealand sign language.

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