Christchurch - Canterbury


  • Heritage buildings
  • Museums
  • Nearby Pegasus Bay beaches


The thriving country town of Rangiora serves the local agricultural and horticultural community. There’s no better place to enjoy Canterbury lamb.

Rangiora was occupied by Maori for several hundred years before the arrival of Europeans. The beauty of the area and the potential for grazing lands inspired a Canterbury surveyor, Charles Obins Torlesse, to build the first dwelling in the town in 1851.

The main industries in the area are lamb production, dairying, fruit growing and mixed farming. Southern hemisphere truffles are a new specialty crop.

The town has several interesting museums and some wonderful heritage buildings, including one of Canterbury's oldest wooden churches. The beaches of Pegasus Bay are within easy reach and the nearby rivers are popular for fishing and walking.

Functional facts: Approx. population 10,000, information centre, good range of shops and services.

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