Glenorchy, my very own Paradise

Beautiful, intriguing and full of the unexpected. Queenstown's little sister Glenorchy might just make you stand up and take a second look.

Living in Queenstown and working in Glenorchy my 45 minute daily commute is a fair bit different to that which I endured while living in London. Being 5’1” I was a prime candidate for the ‘face in stranger’s armpit’ action while being herded onto the tube. The eternal question “do I breathe through my nose or my mouth?” I’m still not sure which is the best option but thankfully this uncomfortable invasion of personal space is no longer a cross I have to bear.

I’m not really sure at what point you get tired of just stopping, and taking in the view from the same spot everyday when the vista is as spectacular as that seen from Bennett’s Bluff. The scenery of Glenorchy and the surrounding areas has captured the imagination of film makers, sports enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies and those who just want to take a stroll by the lake. On the ground, in the air and on the water you can experience Glenorchy and the mountains in glorious 360˚. It’s as if Mother Nature took her camera and framed this one perfectly and you know, everybody wants to experience just a little glimpse into Paradise, (which happens to be just down the road).

Anything is possible here, and it will take you by surprise I can assure you. In this ‘sleepy’ little town you can sit by Lake Wakatipu, look across the mountains and in the distance hear the faint woops of ecstatic terror as people throw themselves from aeroplanes from 15,000ft, falling into rather than falling from Paradise. As Skydive Paradise’s tagline suggests, these adventure hounds are getting “high in Paradise” and what a sight they are getting from up there.

I think even I, as an advocate for the safe and proper distance between strangers, would be willing to forego this privilege if said stranger were strapped to me and were in possession of an accompanying parachute.