Find a driving route for your New Zealand holiday here. Choose one or more from a detailed list of all driving routes.

New Zealand is a great country for driving. Traffic is generally light, roads are well-maintained and the passing scenery makes every kilometre worthwhile.

To make it easy to plan your motoring holiday, we’ve catalogued nearly every possible driving route in the country. You can plan your route based on how long you’ll be travelling and where you want to go.
Within each route you’ll see a detailed description of each leg of the journey, along with scenic highlights, local activities and accommodation. Maps, driving distances and travelling times are also included. .
New Zealand also has several themed highways – signposted driving routes exploring some of the best parts of the country. These include the Classic Wine Trail, Thermal Explorer Highway, Pacific Coast Highway and the Twin Coast Discovery Highway in the North Island, and the Alpine Pacific Triangle, Great Alpine Highway and Southern Scenic Route in the South Island.