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Are you a Halfling, an Elf or a Wizard? Embark on an adventure through New Zealand with a magical, Middle-earth inspired itinerary.

New Zealand's spectacular scenery plays the landscapes of Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy. From snowy peaks to bubbling brooks and enchanted forests, the lands of New Zealand are every bit as magical as they appear on the big-screen.

The following itineraries have been created to show you the very best of New Zealand, seamlessly weaving filming locations, movie experiences and enchanting destinations together in three options of differing lengths.

A Halfling's Ramble: 1 week

Head out your front gate and take a curious adventure through hobbit holes and emerald green isles. Explore bubbling mud pools, movie studios and underground caves full of magic as you journey through the North Island on this 7-day itinerary.

Elven Magic: 10-14 days

Experience the best of what Middle-earth has to offer with the combined magic of the North and South Island. You’ll venture through sunny beaches, snowy mountains and turquoise lakes, as well as some of the most beautiful filming locations in the country.

The Great Wizard’s Journey - 3 weeks plus

This vast adventure will allow you to explore Middle-earth extensively, taking you to ancient glaciers, waterfalls, snowy peaks and bubbling mud pools. You’ll venture through lush fields of alpine herbs and white sand beaches as you explore filming locations and stumble across the hidden gems of real Middle-earth. This is a comprehensive journey covering both the North and South island.

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