Visit Kaikoura for cycling, walking, stunning scenic flights and unique wildlife encounters. Add these top 7 experiences to your Kaikoura itinerary.

Albatross Encounter

Traditionally known for its marine wildlife Kaikoura is also the perfect place to see a range of seabirds. Albatross Encounters(opens in new window) run cruises to take visitors out to see seabirds including Albatross, Petrels, Shearwaters, Gulls, Shags and Terns.

Glenstrae 4 Wheeler Adventures

For an inland adventure head off road with Glenstrae 4 Wheeler Adventures(opens in new window). These action packed tours will take you into the farmland and native bush surrounding Kaikoura - with the opportunity to take in stunning views of the Kaikoura coastline and mountains, Hamuri Bluffs and local wildlife. 

Kaikoura Kayaks

For a 100% guarantee of seeing a seal then take a Seal Kayaking tour(opens in new window), with the chance of seeing dolphins as well and the added benefit of staying warm while still getting close to all the action this is an experience you can't miss! Kayak tours from Kaikoura are completely eco friendly and led by local guides who will ensure you get the most out of your time on the water.

Wings Over Whales and Kaikoura Helicopters

If you would like to experience a unique view of Kaikoura's wildlife then take a 30 minute fixed wing flight(opens in new window) and watch for whales from the air including Southern Right, Humpback, Fin, Brydes, Pilot and Blue Whales or fly further afield on a scenic tour of the spectacular mountains and sea around Kaikoura. Alternatively enjoy a helicopter flight for whale watching and for access to the Kaikoura Seaward Ranges for 360 degree views of the rugged beauty of the area.

Dolphin Encounter

For a spectacular sight of several hundred Dusky Dolphins playing in the waters off Kaikoura join a Dolphin Encounter Tour(opens in new window), and you will be rewarded with an up close view of these cheeky and engaging animals. For an even more unique experience you can also swim with the dolphins - a truly unforgettable New Zealand memory.

Kaikoura Coast Track

Enjoy a two day walk along Kaikoura’s Coast Track, offering views of Kaikoura Mountains and the Pacific Ocean this private walk is an ideal way to explore the Kaikoura region. Hosts will arrange for your luggage to be transferred so you can walk freely throughout the day, and enjoy accommodation at local farms at night, this is truly a way to experience the real New Zealand.

Whale Watch

For an enconter with a marine giant, step aboard a whale watching cruise(opens in new window) from Kaikoura to view Giant Sperm Whales that grow up to 20 metres and weigh 50 tonnes which can be seen all year round.

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