You'll find a range of fascinating animals, birds and fish when you visit Rotorua's unique wildlife parks.

Ever wanted to see a kiwi up close? Fascinated by New Zealand's wild animals? Then a visit to one of Rotorua's stunningly located wildlife parks is a must-do.

Only 5% of Kiwi hatched in the wild survive to adulthood. To help protect these birds, the National Kiwi Hatchery(opens in new window) hatches around 120 chicks a year, which are raised into young adulthood before being released into the wild. The centre welcomes visitors for a small admission fee that includes an excellent backstage tour to see the hatchery and egg incubator. All proceeds from ticket sales go to the National Kiwi Recovery Trust.

At Paradise Valley Springs you'll see a pride of African lions up close and have the opportunity to hand-feed friendly farm animals like alpaca and donkeys.

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