Skydive in Queenstown

Seeing the world from above with NZONE doing a tandemjump.

Having travelled to the adranlin capital of the world, a skydive was on my bucketlist. Booking was swift and easy with NZONE. After booking a short briefing at the office/shop followed and allready I felt ready to throw myself out of a plane with a complete stranger attached to my back.

At the jumpsite the atmosphere was full of good times, fun and adranlin. My skydiver greated me and took me through everything again step by step so by the time we were heading for the airplane I felt a great mix of anticipation and excitement and no fear at all.

The 1 min free fall is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life. The rush was like nothing else. And afterwards just hoovering over beautiful Queenstown in a parachute was spectacular. I was even allowed to try and steer it just a little bit. Amazing.

Skydive is a must when in QT and I would very very much like to do it again!