Ash-Vegas - 5 Things We LOVE

Ash-Vegas is an affectionate name commonly used by locals when referring to the charming Mid Canterbury village of Ashburton.

Maybe it's because (like Vegas), Ashburton is known for indulgence. Let us show you why (and how).

When your party hat’s on, plan to spend the night (or make a week of it). It’s easy to find a great place to stay, lakeside, high country or in the heart of the Ash-Vegas action.

1. Festivals

Festivals are often associated with big cities. Ashburton bucks the trend and brings the party into classic Canterbury heartland. It's rural and it's raging. See it for yourself.

2. Bullrush

Bullrush has always been a popular schoolyard game for Kiwi kids. The adult version? Only in Ashburton.

3. Fishing

There's nothing like a long weekend with a man in waders to remind you why to get out of the city every so often. Indulgence should always include salmon for dinner.

4. Spaceballs

Indulge your inner kid and find the only Russian spaceballs in New Zealand. Entry by donation.

5. Ski

With all world-class ski areas comes buzzing nightlife – follow the locals and get amongst the après.

There are so many ways to Experience Mid Canterbury - fantastic places to stay and people to meet.