Family Activities in the Bay of Plenty

New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty is a great family holiday destination, filled with many great family friendly and affordable activities and attractions.

New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty is a great family holiday destination. You are spoilt for choice as the region boast numerous lakes, some of the most popular beaches in New Zealand, and spectacular natural geothermal attractions.

It is best to base your trip to the Bay of Plenty in Rotorua. This city cannot be missed during a trip to New Zealand and is central and easy driving distance to many of the region’s best attractions.

The Bay of Plenty is filled with many great family friendly and affordable activities and attractions which are suitable for all ages and interests. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday with the family by visiting both the latest and most established attractions in the Bay of Plenty.

Rainbow Springs
Perhaps one of the most well-known destinations in Rotorua is Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park. Open since 1932, the combination of natural elements set in over 22 acres of parkland make Rainbow Springs a truly unique experience and is a must-see for anyone wanting to get to know New Zealand’s wonderful environment and animals.

Rainbow Springs is home to New Zealand’s largest and most successful kiwi conservation centre, which has released over 1,000 kiwis into the wild since 1995. Discover the work that goes in to the conservation of our national icon and witness the magic of a Kiwi hatching.

You’ll also be able to experience the adrenalin rush of the new Big Splash water ride which takes visitors on a journey through the evolution of the youngest country in the world and finish up with a thrilling adrenaline rush as the log flume careers down a huge drop through native forest finishing with a Big Splash!

Rainbow Springs is located only minutes from central Rotorua and is open from early to late every day of the week.

Hells Gate
After all the fun on the big splash at Rainbow springs experience the Hell's Gate Geothermal Reserve. A walk through the reserve passes through a large variety of geothermal features and takes 45 minutes to an hour and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The geothermal reserve and is spectacular in all weather conditions and they even provide umbrella's on site if their looks like a chance of rain.

The best part of this walk is that once finished you are able to enjoy a relaxing sulphur spa overlooking the active geothermal reserve. Rest your feet and soak for as long as you like, within the sulphurous waters or relax and revitalise the smoothness and softness of your skin with a bath in our hot mud pools.

This one of a kind experience is located just 15 minutes out of central Rotorua on the Whakatane turn off SHW 30.

Experience Comvita
This world first experience cutting edge technologies to allow visitors to enter a “virtual” beehive and experience what it is like to be part of the honey bee community and see other wonders of the natural world.  

The Comvita Experience is a 60 minute guided tour exploring into the wonderful world of honey bees. Discover how man, science and nature are working together using the healing capabilities of nature to improve human wellbeing. Visitors can see, touch, taste and purchase Comvita’s natural health and beauty products.

Experience Comvita is located just 35 minutes north of Rotorua - just down the road from Kiwi360.

Climb aboard a KiwiKart and experience a fun and fascinating 40 minute tour through the horticultural theme park. An orchard tour takes visitors and groups though the property, where you will learn about the 60 or 70 different varieties of fruit and nut trees, before arriving in a NZ kiwifruit orchard where tastings of various products derived from kiwifruit can be tested and purchased.

After a busy tour around the orchard take a moment to relax in the beautiful courtyard café and restaurant which can cater for individual visitors and large groups.

Kiwi360 is located just outside of Te Puke 45 minutes from Rotorua - only 20 minutes from the sandy beaches of Mount Maunganui.


If you would like to visit these great destinations or any others in the Bay of Plenty visit Rotorua Super Passes. They offer great deals and a one stop shop for all the best Rotorua and Bay of Plenty tourist attractions.

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