Port Fitzroy Walking Tracks

Explore the Port Fitzroy area with one of these shorter walks, ranging from 15 min to 1 hr.

An extensive network of walking tracks maintained by DoC lets you explore the interior and the various inlets around Port FitzRoy are safe places to leave your boat if you feel the urge to take off exploring.

One of the best walks is to the top of the island’s highest peak. The Mt Hobson (Hirakimata) track starts from Kaiaraara Bay. As you climb, a viewing platform looks out over one of the kauri dams, which was a kind of trip gate used during the period when the island’s majestic kauri trees were logged. As well as a great all round view of the island when you reach the summit, walking the track will reward you with many sights of natural beauty.


Old Lady Track   Time: 45 min one way

Warrens' Track    Time: 1 hr return

Bridle Track    Time: 15 min one way


  • How to get there: These tracks all start either off Port Fitzroy Hill or near the DOC area office.