Known for its thrilling wildlife encounters, Kaikōura is the perfect place to experience whales, seals, dolphins and rare birds up-close.

Imagine swimming with curious and playful fur seals or spotting a huge Humpback Whale breach so close you can almost touch it. Kaikōura is home to a number of fascinating wildlife species - both on land and in the sea; attracting enthusiasts from all over the world. Here, the continental shelf plunges 900 metres just a little way offshore, creating strong ocean currents and attracting a variety different whale species', as well as dolphins and fur seals. Albatross, petrel and shearwater birds love this place as well. Get out (or in) the water to experience incredible marine life close-up, or walk the shore to find seals basking on rocks and birds feeding their young. A wildlife experience in Kaikōura promises to be a rare and unforgettable addition to your New Zealand visit.

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