Hitchhiking in New Zealand

We strongly advise travellers against hitchhiking In New Zealand.

Although New Zealand is a safe country to travel in, hitchhiking carries certain risks. Unfortunately, as in every country, there are untrustworthy people who may take advantage of hitchhikers if given the opportunity. Take responsibility for your personal safety by seeking out reliable forms of transport.

Travelling safely in New Zealand

There are many cost effective and safe ways to travel around New Zealand. Buses offer a convenient and relaxing way to travel between destinations. Bus and coach options range from single trips to packaged tours, to the more flexible hop on hop off buses. Many visitors choose to self-drive around the country in campervans or rental cars. If you decide to self-drive make sure you check out the driving in New Zealand  road rules and safety guidelines to ensure a safe trip.

Generally, New Zealand people are welcoming and friendly, and you will often meet helpful, knowledgeable locals who are willing to offer directions and advice on the best places to visit. Stay safe on your trip by booking reliable transport and avoid hitchhiking.

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