The town of Taupo sits at the edge of the southern hemisphere’s largest lake. Local attractions include trout fishing, skiing and geothermal parks.

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Beautiful Lake Taupo is actually a huge volcano with a fiery history. Its most recent eruption, in 181 AD, was large enough to change the sky as far away as Europe and China. According to Maori legend, the lake is the pulsating heart of Maui's fish (New Zealand's North Island).

The lakeside town of Taupo provides a base for visitors who love to fish for trout, ski Mount Ruapehu and explore the local geothermal phenomena. Popular Taupo experiences include Huka Falls, geothermal walks, a prawn farm, lake cruises and guided kayak expeditions to see the rock carvings at Mine Bay. Some Taupo accommodation comes complete with a naturally heated spa pool.

Functional facts: Approx. population 32,450, i-SITE Visitor Centre, domestic airport.