3 - 5 Days 42 km (one way)


  • Dense native forest
  • Whanganui River
  • Mountain views



Follow an old Māori trail that links to the Forgotten World Highway with the Whanganui River. This is wilderness at its wildest.

Matemateaonga Track, Taranaki

Matemateaonga Track Itinerary

Explore the wilderness between Taranaki and Whanganui National Park on this multi-day hike.

Day 1

Kohi Saddle > Pouri Hut

Beginning at Kohi Saddle, walk through regenerating forest up and along the crest of the Matemateāonga Range. On a clear day look out for occasional glimpses Tongariro National Park's famous volcanic cones. 

6.5 hours walking

Day 2

Pouri Hut > Puketōtara Hut

Continue along the gentle crest of the range. The dense native forest is broken by intermittent views to the north, before finally descending gently to Puketōtara Hut.

6.75 hours walking 

Day 3

Puketotara Hut > Whanganui River

From Puketotara  hut, the track as it drops steeply from the Matemateāonga Range, winding down to the banks of the Whanganui River. Pause just beyond the hut to take in the sweeping view of the Whanganui River and Tongariro peaks in the east.

At the Whanganui River, meet your jet boat for the river journey to Pipiriki.

Department of Conservation

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More information

 Alternative Routes

This walk can be taken in either direction although most people prefer to begin at the western end on SH43.

To make this a 5-Day walk, break your journey with a night at the following huts:

  • Omaru Hut: 1 hr 30 min from Kohi Saddle. 5 hr to Pouri Hut.
  • Ngapurua Hut: 3 hr 15 min from Pouri Hut. 3 hr 40 min to Puketōtara Hut
  • Mt Humphries Summit: This side trip turns off between Omaru Hut and Pouri Hut (1 hr 30 min - return)


Getting there

  • Follow SH 43 from Strathmore, east of Stratford, a signpost marks the road to Upper Mangaehu Road.
  • The track entrance is at Kohi Saddle. 
  • This track is not a circuit, transport will be required at the completion of your journey.
  • For pick up or drop off at the river end of the track arrange a jet boat with a transport operator.


Need to know

  • Rain can make the track muddy. Check the weather forecast and track conditions before your trip.
  • Kilometre posts mark the track from Kohi Saddle to Puketotara Hut. They do not continue to the Whanganui River.
  • The connecting routes are for experienced trampers only. 

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