Farms are a big part of the New Zealand way of life and both the North and South Islands feature sprawling farming landscapes, grazing cattle and sheep.

Ever since the introduction of refrigerated shipping in 1882, people all over the world have enjoyed our dairy and meat exports.
As you travel through New Zealand you’ll discover seemingly endless open pastures, colourful orchards and sun drenched vineyards.
While sheep, cattle and dairy (milk producing) farms are most common, you’ll also notice deer, goats, horses, pigs and even llama in paddocks throughout the country.
There are plenty of opportunities to watch sheep shearing, learn about deer and goat farming, experience sheep dogs working, milk a cow or a goat, feed lambs or go on an interactive tour of a farm. Salmon and eel farms offer firsthand encounters with fish, and the prawn farm near Taupo cleverly uses warm geothermal waters for aquaculture.
Choosing farmstay accommodation is a great way to meet some of the locals and experience rural life.

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