Operating around New Zealand, markets offer a chance to meet the locals and artists, enjoy a dose of Kiwi country life and array of handcrafted goodies.

City Farmers' Market, Auckland

Markets are an intrinsic part of Kiwi culture. Colourful and vibrant, these markets provide visitors an insight into New Zealand way of life and are a fantastic place to pick up delicious treats, local crafts, gifts and souvenirs.

Farmers markets are a place to taste sample the best of fresh and local culinary fare – direct from source. Among the many stalls, you will also find handcrafted goodies that make ideal gifts for friends and family back home, or a reminder of your trip to New Zealand. Make sure you keep plenty of space in your bags, as every market is distinct, influenced by the region and climate it thrives within.

In many places, particularly those that house a large population of creative residents, you’ll find the farmers markets flow into arts and crafts markets. In some places, you will even find dedicated markets that sell local arts and crafts. They are the perfect place to find something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Usually, you’ll be dealing with the craftsperson who made the article, so you can ask questions about materials and techniques. Look for carving, fabric art, glass art, clothes, jewellery, pottery, photography, painting and wood art.

Here are some arts and crafts markets around the country that you must visit if you’re in the region:

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