Find out about using public transport within New Zealand by clicking 'read more' on your chosen city.


Wellington’s compact CBD makes it a great place to walk! But there are also plenty of public transport options. To pay your fare on Wellington's transport network, you can use cash or a range of prepay cards(opens in new window) (depending on which bus company you'll be using). See how to pay your fare(opens in new window) for more information.


Auckland’s downtown area is compact and walkable, but its natural beauty lies outside the city centre. 

The ATHop card(opens in new window) is Auckland's prepay transport card; it will save you money on transport if you're planning to be in the city for a few days.


Download the AT Public Transport app to plan your journey, see fares and get real time updates on when your transport will arrive.

AT for Apple(opens in new window) | AT for Android(opens in new window)


Being a flat city, Christchurch is a popular place to cycle, with dedicated cycle lanes throughout the CBD. 


If you’re staying in Queenstown and are planning to do adventure activities or tours, your provider may offer a shuttle service. Check when you book.



Many of Rotorua’s main attractions are outside the city centre. If you don’t have a vehicle, you may find it easiest to take a shuttle (like Geyser link(opens in new window) or Thermal Shuttle(opens in new window)) between attractions.


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