Abseiling, or rappelling, is an adventure activity suitable for all skill levels. Get a thrill rappelling down a rock face, waterfall or even into a cave!

Controlled descent is an enthralling way to interact with the landscape. And the great thing about abseiling, is that it’s quite easy to learn. After a few lessons, you’ll be slipping down the rope like a master.

In some cases, abseiling is a mode of transport - a way to reach an unknown world. This is certainly the scenario in Waitomo, where it’s necessary to drop 100metres down a huge tomo (hole) in the earth to reach the Lost World. Other adventures are focused on the trip down, like abseiling waterfalls in Egmont National Park or descending the rungway on Queenstown Hill. The skilled guides and instructors who operate abseiling experiences know all about easing people out of their comfort zone, so that you get an amazing sense of accomplishment.

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