1-2 Hours

10 km


  • Castlepoint Scenic Reserve
  • Dolphins & fur seals
  • Castlepoint Lighthouse


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Named in 1770 by Captain Cook who thought Castle Rock looked similar to the battlements of a castle.

Walk through the pines above the lagoon at Castlepoint Scenic Reserve and follow the reserve boundary to the base of Castle Rock. Experience breathtaking views.

The reef, lagoon, sand dunes and Castle Rock are all part of Castlepoint Scenic Reserve. The reserve protects outstanding landforms, and is the only location in the world where you will find the rare shrubby daisy. Castlepoint daisy Brachyglottis compactus grows only on the crumbled limestone of the reef and Castle Rock.

Frequently visited by several species of dolphin, as well as fur seals, and occasionally small whale species, the reserve is also home to numerous sea birds. A walk up to Castlepoint Lighthouse is a definite must-do when you're in the area.

To find out more, visit the DOC website (Department of Conservation).

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