With a magical caving experience and myriad of activities on offer, Hamilton-Waikato gives a taste for extreme outdoor adventures and off-beat experiences.

Black Water Rafting, Waikato

Under the rolling hills of the Hamilton-Waikato region lies New Zealand's most fascinating system of caves and underground sink holes.

Known for its ultimate underground experience(opens in new window), you can indulge in a variety of adventure activities catering to all levels - choose from gentle boat and walking tours(opens in new window) through the maze of caves, with glowworms to light your way and stunning cave formations to marvel at to the more adventurous jet-boating(opens in new window)blackwater rafting(opens in new window), caving(opens in new window), and abseiling(opens in new window) through the underground passageways. Enjoy spotting stalagmites and stalactites, as well as interesting natural rock sculptures as you adventure through the darkness(opens in new window).

The good news for the thrillseekers is regardless of the weather, it’s always good underground!

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