Stewart Island/Rakiura Museum

Stewart Island has a rich European, Maori and nautical history. Visitors will find a variety of interesting and thought provoking displays showing how early Stewart Islanders lived, the industries they were involved in and how they travelled.


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Rakiura Museum is 10 minutes walk from the ferry terminal.

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Managed solely by volunteers who naturally welcome the chance to talk with you about the history of this amazing region. On show are early Maori artifacts including a Maori cloak and various greenstone adzes.

A great display of early shipping and pioneer homeware shows how the early islanders lived and travelled. Whaling is also featured with tripots and whale skulls on display. An extremely large collection of shells is also a feature.

We are open longer hours when Cruise ships are in port.

Research can be undertaken [charges apply] for various history projects, family, whaling, shipping etc.





Stewart Island/Rakiura Museum, 9 Ayr St. , Oban, Stewart Island - Rakiura, 9846, New Zealand.


October-April Mon-Sat 10-1:30 Sun - 12-2 May-September Mon-Sat 10-12 Sun 12-2

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research charges apply
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October-April Mon-Sat 10am-1:30pm. Sun 12-2pm May-September Mon-Fri 10am-12pm. Sat 10am-1:30pm. Sun 12-2pm. Can arrange other times for schools and special interest groups

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