Whale watching, glacial lakes, dolphin spotting, harbour cruises...the Christchurch-Canterbury region is a fascinating place to take a boat cruise.

If you're after an unforgettable marine encounter, take a boat cruise in either Kaikoura or Akaroa - both found in the Christchurch-Canterbury region. In Kaikoura, whales are often spotted offshore, and, if the conditions are right, you can have the opportunity to swim with fur seals or dusky dolphins. Akaroa Harbour is the only place in the world you can swim with the rare Hector's Dolphin - the smallest of the dolphin species.

You'll also find spectacular glaciers in Mount Cook National Park - see these giants up close when you take a glacier tour boat cruise. There's also heritage sailboats you can cruise the Lyttleton Harbour on for a day; as well as quaint Punting on Christchurch's Avon River with your very own Edwardian Punter.

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