Cathedral Cove Walk is closed due to storm damage. See the Cove in summer 2023-24 by sea-based experiences only. For new walking tracks and more information, visit Department of Conservation(opens in new window).

Coromandel’s sculpted coastline captivated early maritime explorers and continues to dazzle visitors today.

There is a reason New Zealanders flock to the Coromandel for their holidays. This beautiful peninsula on the east coast of the North Island has 400 kilometres of spectacular coastline, featuring vast white and golden sand beaches, along with plenty of private coves.

Two must-visit beaches are Hot Water Beach, a geothermal stretch where visitors dig their own hot pool in the sand, and Cathedral Cove, which is famous for the perfectly formed archway at its entrance.

There’s also no shortage of exceptional forest walks, including The Pinnacles, a spectacular 2-day walk up one of the highest peaks in Coromandel Forest Park(opens in new window). And the Coromandel Coastal Walkway, a 10-km walk showcasing some of the region’s most arresting coastlines. For a shorter option, try the Wentworth Valley Walk, which features a beautiful waterfall and historic gold mines.