Plentiful Rotorua has been a sought-after region for a long time, it's easy to see why. Fly fish one of the many rivers or streams in the area.

Rotorua has been a centre for Māori culture for hundreds of years thanks to its mild climate, hot springs, rivers and lakes in all directions, and convenient location right beside the food rich Bay of Plenty. These features also make Rotorua hugely attractive to fly fishermen and while there are some lovely rivers and streams like the spring-fed Waihou, the Rangitaiki and the Whirinaki, the numerous lakes in the area get most of the attention. These 'still water fisheries' attract anglers from all over the world and more fish over 10 pounds than any other part of the country.

The months from March to June are an especially good time for fishing in Rotorua as the spawning runs are building and the fish are at their seasonal best. For the growing number of anglers focusing on large fish and lake fishing, the Rotorua area is a must-visit location.

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