Moonlight Track

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It's not a walk in the park, but this challenging day hike promises to lift your spirits as high as the Southern Alps.

You need to allow a whole day to walk the Moonlight Track from the Skyline to Arthur's Point (or vice versa). It's not a loop, so transport will be required to get you home.

If you decide to start at the Queenstown end of the track, catch the gondola to the top of Bob's Peak. From here follow the path to the Ben Lomond saddle, where you'll have the option of climbing to the summit Ben Lomond (1747 metres). Massive views of the Southern Alps are your reward for this invigorating ascent.

From the Ben Lomond saddle, a series of poles marks the track to Sefferstown, an old mining town. About five minutes below Sefferstown are the remains of the old Moke Creek stone school, which dates back to the 1880s.

The final leg of the journey takes you past huge sluiced-out terraces more remnants from the gold rush. Far below you'll see the Shotover River, once called "the richest river in the world". Watch the jet boats as they ply their trade along the canyon. 

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